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Erica Geralds

Spring Garden



Artist Statement:

It was only a four years ago, that I received my BFA in Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology. What I found within that passage of time would change my painting significantly. I had succumbed to an overwhelming need to escape my inhibitions when it came to applying paint to canvas. I began to experiment more actively with acrylic inks along with their interaction with other mediums. I was attempting to develop an uncontrolled style of painting that focused on process. The goal was to unveil something entirely primal inside of me to expose a childlike freedom. I wanted it to be something that could be matured and honed even in the process of pouring. The work was evolving into an exploration of fluid movement of colors and textures, aligned with a clarity that was not discovered until the completion of a piece. With the assistance of various pouring containers I cultivated techniques that unfolded these environmentally based paintings. Once a composition had manifested a strong image I sometimes introduce brush work or chopsticks dipped in ink. My choice of palette was the only predetermined factor. With that in mind, each of my pieces have transformed into a series titled “NATURE vs. NURTURE.”


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