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Parris Jaru

Riding the Lines


Mixed Media

Artist Statement:

My favorite material is Plant-Pigment-Powder Sea Algae, Hibiscus, Indigo, Turmeric, and Indian Madder in powder form mixed with an acrylic medium. Painting with these pigments reminds me that nature is the purest example of artistic perfection and composition open to interpretation for all.
With this understanding I am able to open communications with the energies of nature through the medium of art. When I select my materials, I am very specific with my choices. After trial and error I work exclusively with denser herbs giving me the texture I desire. I begin a piece by priming the canvas with an acrylic based primer mixed with Babul Tree Resin and pigment powder. I let the canvas dry for 1-3 days depending on how heavy the base is, then I repeat the steps beginning my journey on Canvas. I always paint wet because the herbs are in powder form so it is easier to manipulate them for texture. Although I am drawn to blues, reds and blacks for body, my favorite colors are the highlights, whites, yellows and light grey, adding dimension, depth, and perspective. I know a piece is done when it feels right, with clarity, movement and composition also complementing my sense of imagination. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of wonder and creative joy open to all possibilities of creation. When people see my work I like them to grab a glimpse of my thoughts and inspiration, looking inside the artist and his works from the outside. I reach my end goal when the piece has touched a part an individual emotion, that for me this is an indescribable feeling.


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