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Nancy Rakoczy

Kozy Kwilt Trump & Putin I



Artist Statement:

What a delight it would be to see images of Trump and Putin spinning madly in the wind! These images are details of a larger work: “Kozy Kwilt Trump & Putin I”. The motif of the American quilt is used ironically as a design element to underscore the unAmerican activities this American president is involved in and who is undermining cherished American values embodied in the Constitution. These Kozy Kwilts are neither cozy nor quilts but point to the distortions and perversions of this present administration. The original works are made of discarded plastic woven on a large loom, and then fused together by the heat of an iron. Plastic is used as collage material.

These works reflect Brooklyn’s long history as a bastion of liberalism. Let these pinwheels spin!


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