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Jeanne Verdoux

Sunday by the Prospect Park Lake



Artist Statement:

My art practice and main interest in life has been rooted in drawing since childhood. As an artist, drawing allows me to observe and understand the world. It is my way to think, invente, communicate and share my ideas. I practice drawing as an experimental exploration, using multiple materials and techniques.

Paper is the surface I use for my visual exploration. I consider paper an open field for experimentation, waiting to receive ink or graphite, be folded, reused and lead to new unexpected manipulations.

I transform everyday life observations into visual representations that go beyond the surface of the drawing. My process is about exploring how ink and paper interact together: where and how the medium sit on the surface of the paper but also how the surface of the paper can enhance the graphic quality of the drawing: negative and positive space working with each other to create a complete image.

My artistic goal is to challenge the use of paper as a flat surface as well as express my vision.

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