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Franklin Ryan

The Legacy

A need for adventure brought me to Prospect Park on a hot, Saturday afternoon. Basking in the sunshine of my grandson’s smile, I am urged to surrender to the billowing foliage that surrounds us. Taking a deep breath, I eagerly exchange the essence of life washed in the color green. Ice cream and the merry-go-round conjure joyful childhood memories, my laughter echoing into the infinite future. The butterflies remind me that nothing stays the same; and, as they flitter by, they suggest that we visit our neighbors in the Prospect Park Zoo. Obedient to the call of Nature, I maneuver my way into the hearts of the peacocks as they cautiously strut past me, iridescent plumage fanning in the breeze. They peer at the little boy running around, smitten by the wonder of it all.. It’s clear that he is a reflection of me. The deed is done. A new generation has been introduced to a community treasure.because Noah has arrived..

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