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Beryl Brenner

The Camperdown Elm, Prospect Park


Mixed Media

Artist Statement:

I am a professional artist from Brooklyn, NY. For the past decade, I have been working on and exhibiting a series of artworks that interpret the natural designs of Frederick Law Olmsted; the father of landscape architecture. Although he and his firm literally designed thousands of high profile landscapes across North America, he always considered Prospect Park to be his masterpiece. It boasted a wide variety of visual delights such as the great lawn, the carousal, the boat house, the waterfalls, the bridal path, the nature trails and the Vale of Cashmere with it’s hanging gardens. In a park that boasts numerous species of interesting trees one of the most beautiful and beloved ones is the Camperdown Elm. Because he lived in a time of rapid industrialization and urbanization, he was very conscious of the fact that it was necessary for human beings to have a connection to nature. He wanted the people of Brooklyn to a bucolic sanctuary in the heart of the borough where they could escape from city life. His work was a precursor to the modern environmental movement.


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