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Paul Campbell

Brooklyn Hybrid Y6



Artist Statement:

My paintings are created in part by using non-conventional tools like remote control toys, koosh balls, strings, and GPS tracks. Although these methods are somewhat mechanical and uncontrolled the resulting images often suggest elements of nature, like coral, flowers, and fireworks. They also suggest influences of other cultures and traditions. The works celebrate movement and are intended to exist as metaphors for the way we move from place to place and for the connections that occur in our everyday lives.

I have exhibited in over 100 shows in the US and abroad including the Brooklyn Museum, the Danforth Museum, the Rose Art Museum, and Site Santa Fe. My first major solo show in New York was called “Remote Control” at Roebling Hall Gallery where I showed paintings made with remote control cars. I have received several grants including the Pollock Krasner and have participated several international art projects and residencies in India, Singapore, and Europe. My studio is located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

In addition to my practice of producing paintings in my studio I am a lover of Prospect Park and an avid advocate for the park. I have worked for the Prospect Park Alliance for the past 14 years.

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