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Deborah Lewis

Prospect Park you are to me
A place of peace, tranquility
For wondrous places within you lie
For all to come, play, even sigh

You mean a lot to those who enter
Many spending entire days in wonder
Discovering all you have to give
Bringing smiles and laughter to every kid

The prospects in the park are vast
New changes adding to the past
More ducks, more swans and fish abound
Bicycles whizzing as they speed around
Your bends, your twists, your straightaways
Roads leading to secluded areas to sit and play.

Nothing stops my love of you
Your creeks,your lakes your graveyard too
You are unique in every way
If you don’t mind I’ll like to say
A love affair I’ve had with you
Since the year of 1 9 8 2
When, just a kid, I came to play
And has been to this very day

A mom now, with kids of my own
They’ve learned, they grown on you they roam
Picking up your acorns, running through your trees
Spotting butterflies and birds and running from bees

With imaginations soaring
The seasons flying by
Faces aglow with wonder
Twinkles in their eyes
The sound of the carousel beckons them, hi
Don’t ever end it’s so good you see
And this, a reminder, of what you mean to me
My park, my spot ,my fun place to be

So as I cross your landscape wide
With wind hitting my back with pride
Seeing the many dogs at play
My own, my Hiro, he’s here to play
And as he jumps and runs around
I am happy in knowing in you I’ve found
A place that’s free, thats safe, that’s just WOW!
My park, my love, my own playground.

And on the days I walk alone
Without my kids or dog I roam
Along your paths in solitude
Observing you with gratitude
I rejoice in knowing that you are here
For us to come to Deborah Lewis-Boothman

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