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Courtney Newhouse

Love by the Lullwater

I first learned about Prospect Park in a History of Landscape design class at Northeastern University and, at the time, there was no way for me to anticipate how it would become such a large part of my life in New York. Several years later, my boyfriend and I graduated from Northeastern and moved down to Brooklyn. We found a place to live less than a half mile from the park and enjoyed relaxing in the park every weekend during the summer. When we started training for our first Brooklyn Half, we put in hundreds of miles in the park and tried out different paths to get in the mileage. When we got engaged, we couldn’t think of a more beautiful and fitting place to take our engagement photos because it had become such a part of us as a couple. The uploaded photo is from our engagement session nearly two years ago. We’re incredibly lucky to live so close to such a wonderful park that has become, for us, a place to escape from the activity of the city and to enjoy the smells and sounds of nature.

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