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Christiane Berghaus

Tinkergarten – Catching Fall Colors

I am writing to ask that you share this peace of childrens art from Tinkergarten with anyone to whom we owe our gratitude for. We know that Prospect Park would not be here for us to learn and play in without a great deal of effort from you and your colleague. In our Tinkergarten classes, we teach children and their parents about sustainability and how important it is to care for and support Prospect Park. Last fall we tried to catch fall colors in my Tinkergarten class and created a giant peace of art, painted and decorated by children.

Prospect Park is everything for me, my work place, my recreation space, my play ground, my quiet zone, my breathing spot.
I wish more people would respect and care more for Prospect Park – and give more than they take out of it – to keep the Park in balance.

My sincerest thank you for all that you do for keep the park clean, healthy, fun for families and friends, enjoyable, lovable and safe!

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