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Carolyn Jones

Plant Love

Whispering leaves,
Floral brigade
Sunlight, pure energy
Reverence made.
Devouring petals
Essence extracted
Aromatic power
Nature, didactic.
Sacrificial potions
Isis stirring the plot
Wisps of steam rising,
Herbs in the pot
Formulas ingested
Fight unseen wars
Balancing systems,
Relieving sores.
Traditional vs. alternative
A medical view.
Consider this fact,
The plants love you, too.

My mother, Mattie Bell DuPree, brought me to the garden where we would share ice cream sandwiches and take in the overwhelming beauty of the Rose Garden and the energy of this entire sacred space. I still marvel at the water fountain, located in the same spot in the garden. I would stretch my little girl legs, careful not to soil my pretty clothes, and tiptoe to reach the spout in the blazing summer sun. I am so grateful to have had a mother who understood Nature in such an intimate way. Although she passed away in 2002, these sweet memories linger. Today, as a Holistic Health Consultant/Practitioner, I am inspired by plant life and have included this poem, “Plant Love” in my recently published handbook, Pick Up Your Bed and Walk: A Self-Care Guide to Improved Health.

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